LAHORE PML-Q Like-Minded has urged the government not to bow before the US pressure for release of Raymond Davis as it would be sedition with the country. Addressing a press conference here at Lahore Press Club on Friday, the provincial Information Secretary PML-Q Like-Minded Mian Asif has urged President Zardari to cancel his upcoming US visit and restrained the agenda of All Parties Conference to one point of devising strategy to free the country and national policies from the US influence. Deputy Central Information Secretary Sheikh Rizwan was also present. Expressing displeasure over legislators not pointing the issue at the upper and lower house, Mian Asif said if lawmakers could not take stand against the US pressure then they must resign from the National Assembly and the Senate. He said the people would have no option except to take law into own hands and come out on roads if rulers failed to try Raymond Davis, the murderer of three Pakistani citizens. He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to hold a judicial inquiry of the incident to reveal the concealed facts. He also urged CJP to take suo moto notice of the US threats being given to Pakistani government. He said it was a golden opportunity for the rulers to get out of the US slavery under the guise of diplomatic cover. To a question, he said his party was in favour of independent investigation of the incident but the US was insisting on the unconditional release of Davis that reflects that there was something wrong. The US officials are even influencing the investigation process and using all tactics to pressurize government. But rulers must realize that if any decision would be taken against the masses aspirations, it would brought in a bloody revolution as the circumstances have changed and public awareness has made it impossible to release Raymond silently, he said adding there was contradiction in the US embassy statements and record about the diplomatic status of Raymond Davis.