LAHORE Editor-in-Chief TheNation and Chairman Nazaria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami Friday said that India would not be allowed to turn Pakistan into desert. Army must defend the country if government was vacillating, he maintained. India is constructing 70 dams at the rivers flowing from Kashmir while the government is keeping mum on the issue, he lamented. Addressing the seventh session of the ongoing Nazaria Pakistan Conference here on Friday, he said the water issues confronting the country confirmed 'Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan. Punjab Food Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor, Primary Education Secretary Aslam Kambooh, Additional Secretary Higher Education Chaudhary Akram also addressed the various sittings on the second day of the conference. NPT Vice-chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed highlighted the objectives of the NPT and presented the 12 years performance of the Trust. He stressed that the government should warn India not to construct dams at our rivers and if it (India) is not stop constructing dams then our missiles would hit them. Nizami said the scientists had been confirming the agriculture production would drop by 20 percent due to water scarcity facing Pakistan. Abdul Ghafoor said, The world should be told that we are the peace loving people and for this purpose, energetic and educated youth is required. Conspiracies against Pakistan were at peak as drone attacks and suicide bombing have turned into a permanent mess against the law and order situation. Despite this, the future is secure as 'we have the people like Majid Nizami, Abdul Qadeer Khan and Dr Samar Mubarik, he added. He vowed Pakistan was an atomic power and no need to worry about the future. Aslam Kambooh said the education was the solution of the entire problem facing the people. He said the country had enormous resources but the prevailing corruption was the hurdle in the way of progress. He told the Punjab government had set the target for giving scientific education to 70 percent of the children. On February 20, teachers will go to homes outside the schools to seek is there any child which is not going to school, he said adding Punjab chief minister has advised for the same. Akram said the government was striving for the promotion of education despite of economic pressure and the Punjab Education Endowment Fund was its example. Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed urged the teachers to train the youth in a manner that they could become a good citizen in future. He said Pakistan was bestowed with enormous natural resources yet the need was to conquer these resources. President Muslim Students Punjab, MPA Rana Muhammad Arshad, Shahzad Khan, Malk Tufail, Aziz Zafar Azad, Prof Abdus Salam, Prof Jam Nawaz, Imran Zaidi, Hassan Ali, Mian Shoib, Aziz Khan and Shahid Rasheed also addressed.