The recent wave of bomb blasts and ultimate confession by some outfits is deplorable and pathetic. Those who accept responsibility of such attacks make a travesty of the teachings of Islam. These lamentable actions are the outcome of feeble minds who have no respect for life and religion. Suicide blast in Mardan on February 10, took more than 36 innocent lives of security personnel and injured many. These bomb blasts have injected more terror and fear in public as well as security forces. We don't know why our brothers are being butchered so ruthlessly for untold crimes. Our country has become a fire ball from east to west and north to south with no place to hide. We have our enemies within us garbed as friends. To curb this nuisance, we all have to stand up and defend ourselves and our homeland, before its too late. Education at the grass-roots level will only serve the propose. We all are Muslims and our religion teaches us a lesson of peace and tranquility. Being true Muslims, the clerics should come forward, and lead the battle against terrorism by diffusing wrong beliefs and notions. Loss of human life has not only tarnished the image of our country in world but also caused havoc to foreign investment in Pakistan. Being subject to social and economic turmoil because of terrorist attacks, the security conditions have further impoverished. Meaningful efforts should be made by government to come over this menace. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, February 10.