LAHORE - Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa has said PPP manifesto resembles with the thoughts of legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. He said Faiz played an effective role to provoke the dreaming people to stand against the feudalism, capitalism and other forces involved to exploit the poor. Addressing the inaugural session of a seminar held to commemorate 100th birth anniversary of Faiz by Pakistan Academy of Letters at Punjab Institute of language, Art and Culture (PILAC) here on Friday, Khosa said Faiz always sent to trouble when any dictator occupied and captured the state and controlled every thing in his hand but he very tremendously faced these all problems with courage. He said Faiz turned the revolutionary struggle into a literary movement and that was why people joined hands with him and stood against the exploiters. He always made his efforts to assist the labourers movements and spent his all energies for doing better for the whole humanity, he added. A number of intellectuals and writers including IA Rehman, Dr Nizam-ud-Din, Sheik Muhammad Malik, Shabbir Hussain Shah and people hailing from different walks of life including university professors and students were present.