How is it possible that the intelligence agencies adept at 'disappearing citizens not to be recovered despite court orders are unaware of the presence of the likes of Raymond Davis and his shadowy outfit? Because of the brazen violation of our sovereignty, people hate the US as much as it is detested in Egypt where a revolution is unplugging to boot out the octogenarian tyrant. PEWs gallop polls indicate that only 14 percent Egyptians and Pakistanis favour America, the remaining despise the decadent superpower. The category that favours the US is the upper class that is self-serving, opportunistic, and corrupt. How could Raymond, Davis, or Rambo be a diplomat whose real name is not known, yet the US embassy insists he has a diplomatic immunity. Public must boycott all products made in the US. But here too is a problem because the US only manufactures military hardware that causes death and destruction. The Punjab government has now deployed rangers and police in layers to preclude any Rambo style mission to rescue Raymond. CM Punjab may rest in peace that such a mission is not possible in Lahore where the traffic, thanks to him, is in such a fine mess. Why couldnt Raymond get away? The under cover professional killer just got caught in the traffic web. He was trained how to shoot two men in two seconds but not trained how to negotiate Lahores traffic, hence the diplomatic imbroglio. DR. A. P. SANGDIL, Norway, February 11.