ISLAMABAD - Critical differences within the PPP leadership over the handling of Raymond Davis row between Pakistan and the United Sates has forced Shah Mahmood Qureshi to decline Prime Ministers offer to join his cabinet on Friday. You can take any of the ministries you want sans the Foreign Affairs Ministry, sources quoted the Prime Minister Gilani as telling the former Foreign Minister during their last meeting at the PM House minutes before he left for commencement of scheduled oath-taking ceremony of the cabinet at the Presidency. The sources said that Qureshi left the PM House silently and did not go to the Presidency in order to take oath as federal minister even though the Presidency had arranged 23 chairs for the new cabinet. The sources said that Qureshi had actually lost his Foreign Ministry job few days ago when he had altercation with Interior Minister Rehman Malik during their meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari over the issue of Raymond Davis. The sources close to the former foreign minister quoted him as sharing these developments with his close aids that he had serious reservations over the question of diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis on the plea that let the court handle this crucial issue because of its gravity. This was when the powerful interior minister got job changed, the sources added. Diplomatic sources having acquaintance with the working style of Qureshi as Foreign Minister were of the view that his ouster from the ministry could have negative implications for the country. Pakistan believed that Qureshi who had played a very crucial role in securing an honourbale way for the country to bring India back on negotiation table, even though he has been quite successful in tackling major foreign policy challenges Pakistan had faced in relation to the US-led war against terrorism. The sources also admired his ministrys economic diplomacy launched on his personal initiative since his assumption of the charge as minister. They were pretty concerned over the upcoming crucial developments relating to the countrys foreign policy including the trilateral summit of foreign ministers of the USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan slated for 23-24 February in Washington. His ouster, they believed, would raise a question of Pakistans representation in the crucial summit, saying formatting with newly inducted Minister of State Hina Rabbani Khar dealing with counterparts would undermine Pakistans diplomatic position in the face of critical issues the conference has to take up as part of the agenda. Contrary to this perception, the sources said that the issue of formatting would be resolved, as Federal Minister for Finance Abdul Hafiz Sheikh would also accompany Khar. The sources in the PPP ruling clique maintained that with a strong background of the economic challenges of the country, the key players in the Pakistans former economic management team, Hina Khar and Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, would be far better placed now in promoting countrys economic interests. But critics say the way Qureshi has been more methodical and assertive as foreign minister to secure fair deal in the diplomatic course, which the newcomer might not be able to attain at this point of time.