Justice Tom Bingham, Britians former senior Law Lord quotes in his book titled Rule of Law a statement of Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of the United States that he considered rule of law as the single most important contributor to economic growth. This is more true in Pakistan where rampant corruption has prevented optimum economic growth with only the torch bearer Supreme Court of Pakistan that is trying its best to curb the massive corruption that saps the economic growth. The sages of corruption in the steel mill, Pakistan Railways, NICL and P.I.A. embedded in crony appointments is being dealt with by the apex court in a heroic manner. The economic progress of Pakistan thus depends squarely on the Rule of Law to be applied sternly and equally to all levels of people to steer the country towards the goal of achieving sustained economic growth that has become bane of Pakistan. DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, February 10.