Dr Tanveer Zamani, a Physian and PhD in International Politics came to light when some rumour mongers spread a wrong news of Zardari's recent marriage with her which lately both denied of its veracity. She is no doubt a die hard PPP worker and President of PPP in USA. In her address to a New York gathering on Pakistan Day, she talked of Zardari Doctrine and showed total loyalty to her leader Asif Ali Zardari. But she did not elaborate on Zardari doctrine. She is convinced that Zardari is taking the country towards progress and prosperity. Therefore, the party should give him and his chosen cronies full support in running the government affairs. She came hard on those who criticise him and his eligibility to the post. Now what is Zardari Doctrine? To us, the public, it is making false promises, appointing known corrupt people on key posts, making U-turn on his decisions when protested, offering ministries or anything acceptable to the annoyed party leaders, using Rehman Malik or Babar Awan to come out from difficult situations, making foreign trips when country is in crisis and finally forming committees to resolve tough issue in order to gain time. There is yet another very important point of his doctrine; to tell his party workers that he is all out to forward BB shaheed's mission which she left unfulfilled. In every speech he must mention BB shaheed who comes in his dreams to guide him thus befooling the poor party workers. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, February 11.