ISLAMABAD - Puisne Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, has urged the judges of district judiciary to equip themselves with the computer literacy because it was increasingly seen as the basic necessity for an effective court working in the world today.

He was addressing the senior civil judges/ civil judges from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Giglit- Baltistan in the certificate awarding ceremony on the conclusion of one-week training course on “New Laws” for Senior Civil Judges here at the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA), Islamabad, on Saturday.

Advising the participants he said that those young judicial officers who had still not learnt the computer they must have to learn it and enhance their proficiency in it.

About the training at the Academy he said:  the mission of this training was to provide you a chance and platform where you could share your experience, expertise and knowledge with each other. You people have the knowledge and information and we invite you here in this Academy so as you people take maximum benefit from each other’s knowledge and that also from the learned resource persons knowledge and experience. To be abreast with changing trends in the world it has now become imperative for judges to have continuous and periodical judicial training. 

He opined that we were cognizant of the fact that our district judiciary was grappling with ample problems of variety of nature including non-availability of fundamental infrastructure such as proper court rooms, accommodation and others.

“Several proposals including uniform perks and privileges, transport facility, accommodation facility, healthcare and advancement of professional education and such like others are under active consideration and concrete efforts are being made so that the problems which are being faced by the judicial officers should be addressed. We want to develop the district judiciary as one of the developed well-organized institution of the country. We are striving so that all possible facilities may be provided to the judicial officers” he vowed. Regarding his reverence for the district judiciary he said: “I have an extreme love for the district judiciary and have always, in every capacity, supported and furthered the cause of the district judiciary.”

About the performance award he said that proposal of one of the learned participants was, indeed, laudable and that needed to materialized so that whosever performed well in the district judiciary that judge must be given a certificate of appreciation or some other incentive.

Advising the judges he said: Since Justice is a divine attribute, thus, you people are occupying an important seat, hence, try to be sincere with the chair.  If you are sincere with the chair, then, you will gain honor and respect in the society.

This I have observed and experienced in my personal life. In all circumstances try to be sincere with the chair- which is there to do justice.”