A full scale picture has been depicted in a recent issue of national geographic journal about the incidence of major earthquakes in the world and the type of buildings that can withstand severe shocks. The picture also details the ten centres where major earthquakes inflicting thousands of deaths have been recorded in the past 100 years. Unfortunately one such centre out of ten falls in Pakistan with a red circle around Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and Northern areas where a major earthquake struck in 2005 killing 72000 persons and leveling a high rise residential building in Islamabad. What is alarming is that the picture shows also three tectonic fault lines i.e. Indian, Arabian and Eurasian plates converging in a convoluted way in the region near the Bhasha dam site which is prone to heavy seismic activity. The planners ought to look at the said vivid picture so that any future catastrophe may be avoided in case of Basha dam during a severe earthquake.


Lahore, February 10.