ISLAMABAD – President Asif Ali Zardari greeted the Parliament and all the political parties for adopting legislations for women’s rights.

In his message on the National Women Day to be marked today (February 12), the President said: “On this occasion, I wish to congratulate the Parliament and all the political parties for demonstrating wisdom and commitment to uphold the rights of women by adopting women-related legislations unanimously.”

“I wish to congratulate all the women of Pakistan especially those who have struggled hard for the rights of women. I also wish to pay special tribute to those who have waged a relentless struggle for the rights of women.”

The President said, “This day has a special significance for PPP whose leader Benazir Bhutto led from the front the fight for the cause.”

“Today many women in Pakistan hold important offices and are proving to the world that our womenfolk are no less talented than our men,” he mentioned.

The President said, “Our women are on the road to progress and emancipation. The journey may be long and tedious but they are destined to succeed. I wish them good luck.”