LAHORE – The Hadyara Police recovered the body a 22-year-old man from the Rohi drain on Saturday. The

victim who has been identified as Muhammad Faryad, a resident of Chak Jambra, Faisalabad, was kidnapped

seven days ago.

Police investigators said the victim had come to Lahore to meet his relatives in Daroghawala but he disappeared

under mysterious circumstances. On Saturday, a passer-by spotted a decomposed body near Rohi drain in

Hadyara police precinct.

He informed local police which removed the body to the City morgue for autopsy. Police said that the body was

four days old and the killer had gunned down the victim for unknown reasons. Later, they killers threw the body in

the drain, he said, adding police have contacted the victim’s family and further legal action would be taken after

their arrival. Further investigations are underway.

WEAPONDS: Sherakot Police on Saturday arrested a man and recovered illegal firearms from his custody, when

he was intercepted at Babu Sabu police checkpoint.

The accused, who was identified as Wajid Masih, was travelling in his car which had an illegal pistol and more

than a dozen live bullets.