KARACHI  - The gas supply to the CNG stations was suspended from Saturday morning for at least 24 hours across Sindh province including Karachi under gas load management programme.

According to details, the SSGC suspended the gas supply to the CNG stations across the province at 9am on weekend. The gas will be restored at 9am on Sunday.

Facing constraint by the CNG closure, at least 60 percent of the public transport will remain off the roads, causing troubles to commuters. Long queues of vehicles were seen at the CNG stations in Karachi before the closure. Online adds from Islamabad: In the wake of CNG kit explosions, the Hydro Carbon Development Institute has started CNG Kits safety programme by giving certificate after the examination of the kit.

According to programme, automatic system is introduced, which stopped CNG filling of the vehicle having no CNG kit examination certificate.

The Hydro Carbon Development Institute in a joint venture with Teccla Industries and Pakistan CNG Associations have started program to ensure the safety of CNG kits used by transports, including private and public service.