LAHORE – PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that defiance of the judicial decisions is akin to weakening the base on which the whole democratic structure rests.

Implementation of the court decisions is imperative not only for the stability of the constitutional institutions but also for the smooth running of the democratic system, Nawaz stated here Saturday.

Terming the independent and strong judiciary a cornerstone of democratic system, he said, defiance of the judicial verdicts amounts to destroying the very foundation of democracy and signifies sinking the boat which was supposed to safely carry the national caravan to the destination.

In our country, Nawaz Sharif said, respect to judiciary and trust (in it) is a vital source to promote a strong federation and national unity. He said the country today is up against grievous challenges, including the problem of national unity, because the constitution has not been adhered to.

The PML-N president said the federating units also grouse when there is deviation from the constitution and a strong judiciary serves the purpose of addressing the grievances of the provinces by providing a guarantee to the implementation of the constitution.

Nawaz said the present judiciary is pronouncing its unflinching loyalty with the constitution and it strictly sticks to the commitment of not allowing any justification for unconstitutional acts.

For it, he said, the rulers and the whole nation should be thankful to the judiciary. Continuing he said, bypassing and defiance of the judicial verdicts is as good as cutting down the very branch harbouring the nest of democracy and our political system.

Nawaz Sharif reminded that restoration of the constitution to its original form, supremacy of the parliament, independent judiciary, an alive and vibrant media, and popular right to elect or reject the leaders, came to pass after a long struggle and large number of sacrifices.

 The fruit of this tough and long struggle should not be dedicated to the ego of any political party or an individual, the former two-time premier said, adding, the elected leaders must behave differently from the dictators. He said the democracy, whose drums are being beaten so loudly, should be visible to the people and its fruit be available to them.

Nawaz said the people of Pakistan are single-minded and committed and the PML-N is well aware of its responsibilities towards them.