LAHORE – The Lahore High Court has been urged to hold an early hearing of the petitions seeking justice in the

kidnap and possible murder case of missing actress Sapna Khan against her ex-husband Sardar Dost Muhammad


Sapna’s father Misal Khan, filed civil miscellaneous applications  through his counsel Azhar Siddque, stating that

the police have not registered a case for his daughter’s disappearance from Khosa’s GOR-I residence,  a couple

of months ago.

In the application, the petitioner has pointed out that even though he had secured orders from the court, the police

have not been very helpful in this regard. The petitioner went on to blame this laxity, on the fact that Dost

Muhammad Khosa is part of PML-N, the party  and he has used his influence to bar the police from lodging a

case against him.

Misal Khan has alleged that former Dost Muhammad Khosa along with his henchmen Muhammad Fahim Amjad,

Sajjad Ahmad, Shahir Dawood Butt, Rana Tanveer, Javaid Yaseen and Shahid had first kidnapped his daughter

and later murdered her.

In his application, the petitioner states that Sapna had told him that she was going to 12-B Ackmen road GOR-1,

the residence of the respondent Dost Muhammad Khosa. She had informed her father that her husband Dost

Muhammad Khosa had asked her to come over to the place, but after going there she never returned.