RAWALPINDI - Two men got injured when a bloody armed clash occurred between the two groups on Saturday at Samarzar Colony on Adyala Road, over a land dispute.

The intense firing swelled a wave of fear in the whole area as the residents, road users and commuters ran desperately here and there in search of shelter. As usual, police were busy protecting the VIPs leaving the locals on the mercy of the outlaws. Seeing news flashed by electronic media a heavy contingent of police, under the surveillance of Station House Officer (SHO) PS Saddar Berooni Suhail Zafar, also rushed to the battle zone and nabbed three outlaws, besides seizing automatic weapons were used freely during the clash from the rooftop of a house being used as bunker to harm the other group.

According to some locals, there was a dispute between Raja Abid Group and Raja Sajid Group of occupying on a piece of land measuring 12 marlas located at Samarzar, the next area to Kalyal Village.

They said that both the groups claimed ownership of the land.

They said that Raja Abid barred Raja Sajid from constructing a wall on the disputed land.  On this a furious brawl occurred between the two groups in which the both sides used sophisticated weapons hiding on the rop-tops. During the clash, two persons maimed because of hitting bullets, they told.

The said that Raja Abid and his accomplices went to the roof of his triple story building from where he fired gun shots on his rival Raja Sajid who were in the street at that time. According to them, Raja Sajid and his brother Nawaz received bullet injuries on their legs in the clash. Later Raja Abid and his accomplices vanished from the scene.

As firing sound was heard, the shopkeepers closed down their business and run away to safe their lives.

An eyewitness told this scribe that the firing remained continues for more than 30 minutes while police reached very late there. After a long time, police arrived there and entered the house of Raja Abid and seized three 12 bore repeaters and a riffle from the roof. Police also claimed to have arrested three men from Raja Abid group.

The people arrested by police identified as Shahid Riaz, Wajid, Saqib Asghar and Raheem. SHO PS Saddar Berooni Suhail Zafar, while, talking to media on the site, presented a flimsy excuse that during the incident he was busy with VIP duties. As he heard about the incident, he left securing VIPs and reached the scene. He said more arrests would be made and fire arms would be recovered.

When asked according to which law the case would be registered against the men involved in the clash, SHO said that it would be decided after consultation with DSP legal.

On the other hand, police spokesman informed media men that police, while taking action, arrested Shahid, Saqib, Wajid and Raheem and also recovered 3 shot guns and 1.7mm riffle from the crime scene.  Against all the accused, separate cases have also been registered while investigation was on, he added.