MULTAN - Four kids including three brothers and a sister were burnt alive in a tragic fire incident here in Basti Malook, a suburban of area Multan, in wee hours of Saturday. The children were alone and asleep in their mud-made house when the premises caught fire apparently due to a lamp.

“Their parents had gone to their ancestral home to attend the funeral of their grandfather,” police said. The deceased were identified as nine-year-old Adnan, 5-year-old Rizwan, four-year-old Farhan and 7-year-old Farhat.

The residents of the area rushed to the ill-fated house after seeing the flames but it was too late. “There was nothing left when we got there. Everything was in flames,” said a witness. The atmosphere became highly gloomy because of the tragedy. The relatives of the deceased kids were seen mourning their death.