Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that if convicted by the Supreme Court he would not remain member of the National Assembly and resign as Chief Executive.

In an interview with Al Jazeera TV, the prime minister said, "My lawyer is extremely capable and I do not think it would happen like this".

He said cases against President Asif Ali Zardari were politically motivated and he was exonerated by the courts in Pakistan. He said even cases were instituted against him and he spent five years in jail.

He said the president was elected by the National Assembly, Senate and the four provincial assemblies and he is part of the parliament and enjoys immunity in Pakistan and world over.

Asked if the civilian government was more powerful or the military, Gilani said under the constitution, the prime minister is the chief executive and running the country. He said presently he enjoys good relations with the military.

He said he did not know that Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan. He rejected the impression that ISI knew about the presence of bin Laden and said if ISI had known it, it would have been known to the entire world because of advancement in technology. He said ISI and CIA worked very closely and arrested high value targets and he was of the impression that bin Laden was killed with the information of ISI. He however said it became clear later that it was a unilateral action by the USA which he said is against the sovereignty of Pakistan.

About drone attacks, the prime minister said the present government did not give permission to US to fly drones from Pakistan. He said former president had some understanding with the US because he was having all the posts of President, Chief Executive, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and Army Chief.

About the hunting down of the drones, Gilani said the Parliamentary Committee on National Security has finalised recommendations about new terms of engagement with the US and on supply lines to US and NATO led forces  which would be debated by the parliament and whatever the recommendations, these would be implemented by the government.

He said Pakistan has used all the channels and thoroughly discussed with the US administration that drone attacks were counterproductive.

He said these attacks are causing collateral damage and there is reaction among the tribesmen and that makes the job of the government difficult.

He pointed out that Pakistan has suffered a loss of $69 billion in the war on terror.

Gilani categorically rejected the impression that Pakistan was supporting Taliban and posed a counter question why should we support them. He said Pakistan wants a stable, independent, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. He said Pakistan will support any political reconciliation which is afghan owned and Afghan led.

About relations with India, the prime minister said thee has been lot of misunderstanding between the two countries. He stressed that they cannot afford war because both are nuclear powers. That was why after coming to power, he met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh several times, who seems to be a sincere person, he added.  He said they agreed to discuss core issues including Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek, water and others. These issues have been discussed at the secretary- level and now the foreign ministers would hold negotiations on them.

Asked to comment on reports about possibility of Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear installations, Gilani said Pakistan is for peace in the region as it does not want any destabilization in the region. He said Pakistan favours resolution of all issues through dialogue.