SADIQABAD - A PML-N Rahim Yar Khan leader has linked the national development and prosperity to the immediate ouster of the corrupt rulers, saying that sincere and honest leadership is need of the hour to steer the country out of crises.

“Having plundered the national exchequer, the corrupt rulers gutted the country. Therefore, the people are taking to the streets against the federal government,” Mian Muhammad Amir Shahbaz said while talking to various delegations at his party’s Public Secretariat on the Club Road in tehsil Rahim Yar Khan.

In the best interest of the people, he added, the rulers should hold early elections so that the people could reelect their representatives. During both the tenures of the PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif, he claimed, the country made great strikes in agricultural and industrial sectors whereby the farmers and workers became prosperous.

But, the PML-N leader said, Pervez Musharraf toppled the elected government and led the country to the bring of destruction and the incumbent PPP government added to the deteriorating situation. Because of flawed policies, the people were suffering severe crises of gas and electricity, he said and added that the consumers were paying inflated bills which equates to bury them alive.

“The industrial workers and labourers have become unemployed and their families are facing starvation. And because of the destruction of agriculture sector, the farmers’ financial condition is going from bad to worse,” he observed.

Then he appealed to the participants to join his party for what he said steering the country out of crises and for the prosperity of the country. He said that the ongoing gas and electricity crises have sorely destroyed the national economy and the outages have paralysed the industries and agriculture sector.