LAHORE – Speakers at conference have demanded that the Punjab government establish, what he said, Filter

Clinics to share the patient load of the teaching hospitals in order to provide the primary care to patients.

The three-day International Medical Conference was held under the aegis of the Pakistan Academy of Family

Physicians. Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr. Saeed Elahi was the chief guest.

PAFP President Dr. Tariq Mian told the gathering that the academy had held 455 such events during last year.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tariq demanded formation of a Health Care Commission, promotion of medical

education, and a ban on wall-chalking by quacks.

He also demanded group insurance of the family physicians. Dr Tariq also demanded earmarking of land by the

Punjab government for construction of a Family Medicine College.

Dr. Saeed said the Academy had become “the most favorite organization of the world”. He said demands by Dr.

Tariq would be forwarded to the Chief Minister. About the Health Care Commission, Dr Elahi said it would be

formed soon.

He said the meeting of office bearers of the academy would be arranged with the Chief Minister. He claimed that

an Allied Health Commission would also be formed to monitor homeopathy doctors and Hakeems. The

conference was also addressed by Dr. Tahir Ch. Dr, Saeed Dr. Nadeem Hayat and Dr. Zia.