LAHORE  –  Faiz Foundation organised launching of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s book ‘Piyam-e-Mashriq’, a poetic

translation of Allama Mohammad Iqbal’s Persian poetry, here at Ali Auditorium on Saturday on Saturday. The

launching ceremony was presided over by Justice (retd) Dr Javed Iqbal while Dr Moeen Nizami, Saleema

Hashmi, Adeel Hashmi, Muneeza Hashmi, Asghar Nadeeem Syed and other literary figures were presented on

the occasion.

While addressing the ceremony, Dr Javed Iqbal said that the translation of poetry to poetry was a very difficult

task. He said it was honour for him to attend this ceremony. Moeen Nizami said that Faiz Ahmed Faiz had done a

great job to translate Iqbal’s Persian poetry into Urdu. He said the translation was very near to the essence of

Iqbal’s poetry.

Later, Adeel Hashmi read verses from the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

It is also to be mentioned here that Faiz Foundation is organising Faiz Amn Mela today (Sunday) at Open Air

Theatre, Jinnah Bagh in connection with Faiz Ahmed Faiz birth anniversary.