The democracy of Abraham Lincoln is a government “of” and “by” the people because the people rule themselves through representatives of their choice and through elections. The democracy is mainly of two types: presidential or parliamentary. Ours is the parliamentary one where the political parties with different manifestos attract the people. In this system, the main power goes to the political party which wins the majority of seats, under the prime minister. The best democratic set-up is to have two or three parties with apposite and distinctive portfolios under the national ideology. To have a big herd of parties is like a rainbow of different shades and colours mainly in splinters. Under the parliamentary system, there will be a ruling party and one prime minister and a strong party as opposition like a runner-up. Such a political set-up will give cohesion and strength to nationhood. It is sad to see that our ruling party is a sum-total of heterogeneous petty parties. PPP has ruled Pakistan in the last four years but with the borrowed votes. In crises, the opposition of the second big Party i.e. PML(N) has always disappeared as an “opposition” party. On the converse, it joins hands with the ruling junta and helps the destroying trend of the governance towards further decay. An important point in the past four years of PPP rule was to buy the “reconciliation” of all available unlike-minded smaller parties to beef up to maneuver enough number of parliamentarians, by hook or by crook, to pass resolutions and carry out amendments in their favour at the cost of the welfare of the common man, the basic necessity of democracy. Since all the period from March 2008 onward, we have seen great misery, unprecedented privations, worst poverty, lack of energy, disappearance of railway facilities, closure of industries, and lowest economic growth etc. These were only because of the involvement of the new small parties with novices and partisan leaders. Their entrance in the ruling corridors under the plea of “reconciliation” has paralysed the vision of the main party mainly due to extra accommodation of the new parties. If these small parties, the so-called “Itthadies” were not part of the government, the result of its efficacy would have been far better.


Rawalpindi, February 11.