ISLAMABAD  - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Programme Officer John Morgan has said that the US is working with the Government of Pakistan to reduce the domain of power sector and energy saving devices.

In an interview, he informed that the USAID Tube Well Efficiency Improvement Programme (TWEIP) for Pakistan has saved 10MW electricity so far by replacing 1400 inefficient tube wells which were running at 35 per cent efficiency previously and efficiency of these tube wells has been increased now. John Morgan said that currently Tube well Efficiency Improvement Program was not working in Balochistan and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) but the US has plan to extend the Programme to these areas.

He went on to say that USAID was also working with the Ministry of Water and Power, as well as Power Distribution companies to reduce energy transmission losses, increase revenue, and improve the overall management of the energy system.

The USAID Tube well Efficiency Improvement Programme was one of the six activities under the U.S. Signature Energy Program that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in October 2009 to help alleviate Pakistan’s severe power supply shortfall. The US started its program in Pakistan in 2010 from a pilot project in Multan. The USAID TWEIP Programme will help to save 45MW electricity. The program offers a 50% subsidy to farmers to replace their pump-sets. The project is closely associated with the DISCOs, farmer groups, local trade associations, and 8 major Pakistani pump suppliers.