The common saying goes like this: If you can’t beat them, join them. That is apparently the new modus operandi at the Pakistan Cricket Board that intends to bail out Pakistan from imminent isolation brought on during the Big three tug-of-war. After Zaka Ashraf was removed from the position of the country’s cricket chief, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif re-appointed Najam Sethi as PCB chairman by the ad-hoc committee claiming that Sethi will transform the PCB into a “transparent” body. According to Sethi, all affairs at the board will follow a principled code of conduct applied to all players and officials sans distinction or favor. The reason for this transformation was declared as essential to cease any unconstitutional decisions.

That is all well and wonderful but anyone with a general understanding of PCB’s history and performance will raise questions. For starters, how exactly does Sethi’s return constitute as a harbinger of positive change in the board? Verbal pledges to ameliorate a decaying PCB efficiency have all been made abundantly before. Furthermore, the political nature of the recent removal and replacement is unmistakably obvious. Of course, it is nearly impossible to separate politics from cricket and cricket from politics. However, one can’t help but notice the predictable pattern: One Prime Minister’s yes-man enters as the previous premier’s chap leaves. What becomes of sport, then?

That said, there is good news too. Instead of opting for self-imposed exile from the rest of the world’s cricket teams, Sethi vows to bring Pakistan ‘back into the scene’ and generate revenue through India-Pakistan matches – something no one on either side of the border can get enough of. In addition to that, it is speculated that PCB’s committee will bolster efforts to pool more local talent in as well as address its structural flaws, including corruption, under the newly amended and implemented constitution. At the end of the day, if the ad-hoc committee possesses a panoptic vision for Pakistan’s future in both domestic and international cricket then the internal conflicts as well as the issues abroad can and will be effectively resolved. Lord knows we desperately need that.