Tribal culture has been always blamed for dysfunctional democracy. There are numerous tribes in the province but only three names stand out the Bugti, Marri and Mengal tribes. They are considered as ‘God Father’s’ of province. Even though the Makran division has no tribal system and people there are relevantly educated but, other Baloch areas are strictly ruled by the Nawabs (tribal chiefs) and Sardars who even interfere in the domestic matters of the common man of their tribes. Though they are heads of these tribes they do nothing to make life easier for their people or to educate than, as they serve them as slaves. These tribal chiefs have been members of political parties and sat in the parliament doing nothing for their province, they have made no contribute to any development in their areas. Nawab Aslam Raisani ruled and served as Chief Minister of Baluchistan, his area Sarawan and Jhalawan area of Nawab Sanaullah Zehri president of Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) have made no roads, schools or infrastructure anywhere in the province to facilitate their people.

It’s an open secret that if any development organization (government or non-government) wanted to start any project in the area the Sardar or Nawab would ask for their share or the funds to be given to them which never reached the project. Many organizations abandoned their projects due to this reason. Many projects under the chief minister Raisani were approved, processed and completed but unfortunately only on papers while nothing practical has been done. Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch the current CM of Baluchistan belongs to Makran and has no tribal background. Many believed that Dr. Malik would not be able to stand more than a few months in the office. In fact, Sardars and Nawabs in power tried their level best to make it happen. But Dr. Malik being an educated person handled the situation with patience and systematic strategy.

Right now the largest and strongest insurgency is led by Dr. Allah Nazar who is from the Muhammad Hasni tribe. Large number of educated and illiterate Baloch youth are swiftly realizing that they have been deprived of their basic requirement by none other but their own Nawab’s and Sardar’s, who gained privileges for themselves but never allowed any development of the people. Fighters of Dr. Allah Nazar without hesitation say that Allah forbids as they get freedom, their first task will be killing all the Nawab’s and Sardar’s of the area. In such scenario, Dr. Malik as CM of Baluchistan is really a positive step.

Many non-Baloch and even Baloch teachers, doctors and other professionals are migrating from Baluchistan and no one is ready to work there risking their lives. Ghost employees, fake projects and lack of professionals are gifts of influential Sardar’s and Nawab’s. Now education and employment sectors should work over time to educate and employ the youth of the province bringing in prosperity. There is need for a national level awareness about the lack of education in the province and security should be handed over to the Levis who should be local people.


Lahore, February 10.