PESHAWAR - The preliminary report prepared by police of Monday suicide blast revealed that the target of the bomber was the funeral, which was being held at Esa Khan Gharai near Jamil Chowk.

According to report, the suicide bomber identified as Qadeem and was aged between 16-18 years associated with Khyber Agency’s banned organisation.  The target of the suicide bomber accompanied by two other alleged bombers was the funeral of Malik Din Khel, a member of anti-Taliban peace committee.

The suicide bombers on foot moved towards the funeral prayer. They managed to flee from the site when mourners stop them for identification.

The two bombers fled the scene while the third entered a nearby home and blew himself up at the entrance and resultantly four women, three of them were sisters were killed and five other people, including children got injuries. Police report said that some 6kg explosive have been used in the blast.

According to initial details, the suicide bomber has been identified as Qadeem who belonged to Khyber Agency. Meanwhile, suicide attacker’s two handlers have also been arrested from the area. The report said that the bomber exploded himself up after he fell down.