Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam and it is the responsibility of the government to maintain our slogan and not to promote the alien western and Hindu culture by celebrating Valentine’s Day and Basant. The court had given verdict against the celebration of Basant and Valentine’s Day but the government is patronizing it every year, this year they have made Basant a part of the ongoing Sindh Festival and everyone knows that Basant is not a part of Sindh’s culture it is a Hindu festival.

Valentine’s Day is a western festival; it is against Islam but it is being promoted by media and with every passing year we see it spreading more and more into our culture, influencing our cultural values. Last year the government banned its celebrations but with no effect as all the TV channels are celebrating it without any reactions from the government and this year the case is no different.

Owing to the poor economic and foreign policies, inflation is sky-rocketing with each passing day and instead of making life easier and solving the problems of the state the authorities are spending billions on occasions such as Sindh Festival which is in fact not promoting Sindh’s but Hindu and western culture. I strongly condemn the government for patronizing Valentine’s Day and Basant and demanded that the authorities should refrain from promoting such activities that are not allowed in Islam.


Karachi, February 9.