The alleged extra judicial killing of an MQM activist Salman Nooruddin must be condemned, but so must the brutal murder of Wali Babar and thousands of others who have fallen victims to target killings, extortion, kidnapping etc by goons of political criminal gangs. This cycle of violence started with body bags of political opponents emerging from all parts of Karachi and discovery of scores of torture cells in the late 80s and 90s. Billions of rupees earned by organized criminal mafia, attracted others including terrorists affiliated with religious extremists and sectarian cum ethnic hate groups. Manner in which lawyers, prosecutors, eyewitnesses and policemen involved in murder of Wali Babar have been killed should have evoked the state to establish its writ, which it has failed to do despite all its might and power. Violence begets violence and state must be seen enforcing ‘Rule of Law’, otherwise criminals, be they associated with TTP, political parties, land or drug mafia will continue to exert their hegemony without any fear.

Criminals must be nabbed, wherever and whenever they appear, be it a wedding, birthday party or any other occasion. Those responsible for target killings of hundreds of policemen on duty must be made to pay for their sins. Law must take its course and not be blackmailed by threats of protests or shutdowns. It is strange that police investigation in murder or money laundering etc, by London Metropolitan police of a British national should be cause for protests in Pakistan. The British police did not spare their own former PM Tony Blair’ son, while he was in office, for even a minor offense. In countries which implement ‘Rule of Law’, in words of president Roosevelt, “no man is above the law and no man is below it, nor do we ask any man’s permission, when we ask him to obey it”.


Karachi, February 9.