ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has expressed grief and dismay over the loss of precious lives and property in the bomb blasts occurred in a Peshawar cinema.

Calling it the most condemnable act of terror, he said that perpetrators of these inhuman attacks want to disrupt peace talks.

He said since the commencement of dialogue, which came after decade-long miseries and sufferings, was much-awaited exercise and those who wanted to push the country towards another operation have been operating to disrupt the whole process of negotiations.

He stressed for immediate truce and called upon the federal government and TTP to abhor the vicious terror apparatus carrying over attacks on innocent civilians and armed forces.

Looking forward to complete medication and cure for the victims of the cinema blasts, Imran expressed solidarity with the bereaved families. He asked the provincial government to immediately arrest of those responsible for such a callous act of terror.

Meanwhile, PTI Secretary Information Shireen Mazari condemned the picking up by people in police uniform of drone victim Kareem Khan on 5th February from Rawalpindi. He was going to Brussels to testify before the EU parliament. This is shocking, Mazari said, that victims of terror are now being terrorised.

Kareem Khan was with his family when he was picked up and now no agency or police authority is willing to accept this illegal action and clearly illegal detention. Mazari stated that he was one of the main witnesses against the CIA’s war crime of drones and had lost his son and brother (a teacher) in a drone attack in 2009.

Kareem Khan had also filed legal proceedings against the government of Pakistan for their failure to investigate the deaths of his son and brother in the drone strike.

Now the family of the victim is running from pillar to post to locate Kareem Khan or ascertain the reasons for his being picked up and detained.