Here we go again. Sharif Antoinette offering decadent chunks of cake to his bread starved peasants. Words to watch for: Gawadar Port, Railways, Energy Projects, Mega-infrastructure development, Megatron, Deceptions etc etc. Sure, its possible to sympathise with him and brother Shahbaz. Just look at them sitting forlorn behind the legislature like a bunch of accountants who always wanted to be artists when they grew up. Everyone can see it. Nawaz and Shahbaz have just been thrust into the wrong dang line of work. Strap them instead into a pair of Timberlands, a helmet and a couple of man jeans. Hand them a crane, a bag of cement, a steam roller and watch them soar to new heights, new ports, may be even new shores. Just think. That spark of passion that lights up Mian Sahib’s eyes momentarily on television when he speaks of his next mega-infrastructure development project in queue, could have been his forever. The Great Economic Boost will come, he tells us. It will be grand in nature. It will be the saviour. Along will sing the choir of cherubs and employment shall soar. But here is the question to ask:

Where is the financing really going to come from, and why?

Sharif says, “Foreign Investment.” But why on earth would foreign investors invest in areas that will generate no commercial return for them? After a point there has to be a connection, any link at all between the economic and commercial sectors. Why would Sharif’s foreign investors invest where they gain nothing? That’s just bad business.

The real question to ask of course remains: Should these be our priorities at all? Is this what our economy needs? Does this theory work at all in Pakistan? Has it worked in any significant way, or will we be left once more with yet another construction cemetery, a quiet wasteland of Sharif pipe dreams?