LAHORE - Food Minister Bilal Yasin has asked MPAs to ensure regular monitoring of their respective districts, accompanied by concerned DCOs, of Sahulat and Sunday Bazaars.

Presiding over a cabinet meeting here on Monday, the minister issued direction to DCOs to monitor presence of government officers at the time of auction at fruit and vegetable markets. He said necessary legislation had been made to take action against persons extracting oil from dead and haraam animals, under which those involved in this heinous act, would be awarded three months imprisonment, along with penalty of Rs5,000. He said necessary methodology was being evolved to sell edible oil and ghee in packing form.

“Punjab Government has made available convenience to the general public to ascertain market rates of all districts, through SMS, through mobile phone service. Now any citizen can know about market price rates by sending SMS at 80024, and the citizen would receive rate list within 10 seconds, which will be available on the system after 09:00am in all districts,” said Bilal Yasin.