SADIQABAD - Because of “flawed” policies of the government, the people’s problems are increasing with every passing day while the rulers are making claims of ‘all is well’, said the district president of People’s Youth Organisation.

“Prosperity of labourers is the programme of the PPP and philosophy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,” said Khawar Bajwa talking to the media. He said that the PPP would oppose the proposed privatisation of national institutions. He said that the PML-N had stolen the PPP’s mandate in the last general elections.

Even then, he said, the rulers had failed to fulfil their responsibilities appropriately. The government has failed to maintain law and order in the country while the PPP-led government had controlled price hike in its tenure, he claimed.

The PYO leader said that the rulers had forced the public to commit suicide thus the people wanted to see the PPP in government.