DUBAI-A singer has been jailed for ten years for stabbing a drummer to death because he stopped playing during a party.

The 27-year-old Pakistani singer, NJ, was the lead singer at the small party taking place at labour accommodation in June 2009. He stabbed his countryman drummer, HK, through the heart because he suddenly stopped playing. The Dubai Court of First Instance found N.J. guilty of murder on Tuesday. “The accused will be deported following the completion of his jail term. The murder weapon will be confiscated,” said presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

The case was only referred to court in July 2013 after the defendant was repatriated from Pakistan. Court records said NJ had invited a friend to the party. The victim stopped drumming as soon as he saw NJ’s friend walk into the party. NJ became angry and asked HK to resume drumming to welcome his friend, MG. Prosecutors said the singer bore a grudge and decided to kill the drummer after he ignored his request to keep drumming and left the party. Prosecutors said the defendant was driven by anger when he killed the drummer. According to records, the defendant knocked on the drummer’s door and when H.K. came out N.J. stabbed him.

“I did not stab the victim, I was not there and I don’t know anything about this case,” N.J. said when he entered a not guilty plea. Prosecution records said the defendant absconded from the UAE shortly after the murder. He was repatriated from Pakistan through Interpol and diplomatic channels. The Pakistani police handed him over to the UAE in early 2013.

A police sergeant said several workers told him that the singer and the drummer had fought during the party. “Witnesses claimed that HK refused to continue drumming and welcome the singer’s friend. The two men argued on stage.

Witnesses said they heard N.J. pointing at the guest and telling H.K., ‘Don’t you know who is he and where he comes from?’ H.K. left the party and went to sleep. Several workers were detained for further questioning following the incident. Witnesses said N.J. and M.G. and others rushed to H.K.’s residence that was 20 minutes walking distance from the party. Some witnesses claimed that N.J. took refuge at their residence until some friends helped him leave the country for Oman,” said the sergeant.