Islamabad- Despite the ongoing peace process, Taliban consider Pakistan army as their frontline enemy.

“Our war is not restricted to Kayani or Pasha. Our frontline enemy is the Pakistan Army and its main characters. So if we get any opportunity to target them, we will take it” TTP’s spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told a local magazine.

“We have carried out big attacks everywhere, from the tribal areas to Karachi. Our most effective activities have been in Punjab and Sindh. Whether it is GHQ, Kamra, PNS Mehran or foreigners in the northern areas, we have influence all over the country. If the talks fail and an operation is launched, we will have no regrets,” TTP’s spokesperson said in an interview.

Shahid said TTP Chief Mullah Fazlullah would lead Pakistan as the first caliph after Shariah law is imposed in the country.

He added they want the enforcement of Shariah in Pakistan; considering it the sole reason behind its creation.

“We are fighting for Shariah, keeping in mind the people who can establish the government and run the system as a caliph. Mullah Fazlullah is leading us and he possesses all the qualities to lead us as a nation,” he said.

About the ongoing dialogue with the Pakistani government, he said both sides have agreed not to impose preconditions. He explained Tehreek-e-Taliban is at war with the government for two reasons, which are ties with the United States and the continuation of an un-Islamic democratic system.

 “We want the peace talks to succeed. Previous rounds failed because of the government’s non-serious attitude and foreign pressure. If these talks fail, the government will obviously try to launch a military operation. We have been tested before and we have passed such phases with success. Another military operation can’t harm the Tehreek-e-Taliban. Our network has expanded economically, militarily and politically” TTP spokesman said when asked about the expected military action.

Shahid Ullah Shahid denied any statement regarding targeting Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.