The Islamia University of Bahawalpur has launched different programmes for community development which produced healthy results, said Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Mukhtar.

The IUB VC was preset at a state-run television show along with Vice-Chancellor Abdul Wali Khan of University and Dr Ehsan Ali. Mukhtar added that the success of the International Camel conference, International Date palm Conference and National Mango conference were the example of the IUB’s role towards the community development as the success of these conferences opened new doors for cooperation and joint ventures which ultimately bring positive results for socio-economic uplift. As a result, a many national and foreign organisations extended cooperation to work together on different projects which would surely improve marketing, trade and jobs, he said.

While commenting on the challenges for higher education, he said that quality education and cooperation of the community with the university could make the task easier and we could succeed in every field.

He appreciated the remarkable role of the HEC for the promotion of higher education in the country and said that its faculty development programme was remarkable which helped a lot improve the efficiency and standards of the faculty. Under the programme, the number of PhD faculty members in the Islamia University had reached to 200 from 80 within a short time which would surely further boost the academic and research activities.

He further said that under the Tenure Track System, faculty members were getting better facilities on par with developed countries.

To a question about the educational system in the country, he remarked, “We have to follow the system of developed countries and promote technical education for safe, secure and better future of the students. We have to focus on technology based education to strengthen the ties among the universities and industrial sector to meet each other’s demands.”

He underlined a need for promoting social, cultural and religious values in the academic institutes at any cost. Referring to females’ education and facilities, he mentioned his visit of turkey and commented that he was much inspired by the Turkish system of education for girls and he had started providing the same facilities here at the girls hostels of the Islamia university of Bahawalpur for 7,000 students.