KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines yesterday sacked 11 employees and issues show-cause notices to more than 165 others on the charge of violating Essential Services Act, a day after the Joint Action Committee ended a weeklong protest against the government decision of privatisation.

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management fired 11 daily wages employees over violation of Essential Services Act, 1952, imposed by Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef on February 1 for six months. With the enforcement of the act, the staffers of PIA had been barred from participating in any union activity and all the unions dissolved.

Despite the imposition of the act, the Joint Action Committee had observed strike and staged protest.

PIA officials, on condition of anonymity, confirmed the PIA management had sacked some 11 employees over the violation of Essential Services Act. They also pointed out that the management had also served 165 show-cause notices on the employees who had participated in the agitation.

The sources said those given notices would have to reply within 72 hours. Action would be taken against those employees who failed to give unsatisfactory answers, they said. According to them, it is easy to take action against the daily wagers, so the management has fired them on immediate bases.

The JAC spokesperson, when contacted, said the management had started to take revengeful steps against the employees. “We had already asked the management to sack us before dismissing the daily wagers because we had started the protest against the privatisation of PIA.” He said over 500 employees had so far received show-cause notices.