It’s time to bid goodbye to the freezing cold winters

1.       Daylight saving

You have more daytime to finish your work. The sun actually shines and doesn’t give you heat-strokes like the summer’s sun. So it’s a happy time.

2.       Blooming flowers

There’s nothing more amazing than the sight of blooming flowers of different colors. And spring for you will bring the breeze that feels just right.

3.        On- point weather (mostly)

It’s not too cold or hot for you to try to find refuge. The pleasant spring weather will be gone by the end of March so make the most of it.

4.       Spring fashion

The coats and scarfs were great but let’s face it. We all want our spring lawn and cotton back. The colors and the fabric we are all so in love with. 

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Are you ready to switch back to spring-wear?

5.       No hydrophobia:

Winters make us all hate water. It just does. We will cut ties with anyone who gathers the courage to throw cold water at us.

6.       Bye-bye to laziness:

You have been lazy and sleepy throughout the winters, the only thing you were good at were movie marathons on your laptop.

7.       Outdoor Sports:

You've been trapped in your room for so long that you've forgotten what fresh air feels like.