Though portrayed as a psychopath, Hitler was not a born racist. Views of contemporary intellectuals and his discussions (Mein Kempf) with Jews warped his mind. He was perhaps influenced by racial distinctions in Arthur de Gobineau’s Essay on the Inequality of Human Races (1853-55). Racism was a current theme in European thinking about society and politics from the mid-nineteenth century until 1945. Many writers justified `Aryan dignity’ on the basis of language, `struggle for existence’ (Darwin), craniometry, `brachycephaly’, and `doliocephaly’ (Paul Broca). Churches promoted or connived at anti-Semitic movements or diatribe (like nowadays for anti-Muslim rhetoric). Rudyard Kipling described coloured native as `half devil’ and `half child’.

It appears Hitler was sincere to his nation. In marked contrast to our ruling `leader’, he did not wear a Rs. 460 croreMeteoris watch. Nor like an opposition leader and founding father of naya Pakistan, he lived in a house sprawling over 300 kanals.

Was Hitler a psychopath, or our `leaders’? Hitler begged people to elect him for just four years. He promised to bring about an economic turnaround within the promised period. Do we have a leader who could perform the Hitlerian miracle within that period? Equalise citizens in respect of basic necessities?


Rawalpindi, December 26.