Islamabad - The Enforcement Directorate of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has drawn the attention of the competent authority towards the multiplied amount of work in the field operations and also sought additional work force and machinery as it is striving for ‘Islamabad, the encroachment-free Capital’.

Sources in the CDA told The Nation that the directorate has submitted the plan to the state minister for Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) a few days back with a hope that its requirements would be met at the earliest.

According to the directorate, the challenges, it is facing at the moment include pressure from land grabbers, bhatta mafia, illegal occupiers, fake trading agents, illegal housing societies and colonies, direct and indirect occupation of CDA land, katchi abadis, green belt and landscaping abuse, model villages encroachments, markets and roadside encroachments, illegal construction and building violations, non-conforming activities and illegal showrooms, hotels, kiosks, tea stalls, malls, workshops, flats etc. “All these have collectively turned into a challenge which calls for a complete revamp of the old procedure with enhanced workforce, means of operation and machinery,” said the action plan to be executed to purge the city of all kinds of encroachments.

Talking about the space for the enforcement staff, the directorate said: “The officers certainly require proper office from where they may have public dealings, secretarial working and other office and managerial assignments on day to day basis after field work.” It sough 27 rooms for DG, directors, DDs, ADs, inspectors, police inspector, transport officer besides a rest room and control room. Justifying its demands as means of transport, the directorate said it is dealing with a field operation and requires 60 trucks, 200 motorcycles and 44 other vehicles for field operations which, it added, may be procured as per requirements bringing the matter in CDA Board and subsequent submission to the Prime Minister through CADD.

The proposed Action Plan, seen by The Nation, also stressed upon inter-departmental coordination between Building Control Section, Planning, Sector Development, Maintenance, Environment, DMA, Land and Rehab and Land Survey. It said all these directorates must bring into play their ways and means, including launching of police reports, FIRs, paper works, notices, challans, cancellation of plots etc to ensure that Islamabad is an encroachment free city.

It said no field operation would be carried out alone by the enforcement directorate unless field lead and representation by the technical experts is physically made available on the venue.

Giving a way forward to carry out the proposed action plan, the directorate recommended creation of posts, its induction and taking new officers and staff.

It also suggested visible uniform for the enforcement staff and picketing across Islamabad for vigilance and patrolling 24/7. “CDA must be given three magistrates with powers of Elaqa magistrate to take up its matters independently. All police stations must have a CDA counter headed by an ASI who may look into CDA affairs solely and pursue their speedy trials accordingly.

Departmental support before and after the operation is necessary to give confidence to the officers and staff that CDA shall protect them. Dedicated team of lawyers on panel of enforcement directorate is required which may expedite vacation of stay orders and defend actions of the enforcement directorate,” the action plan reads further.

The state minister had chaired a meeting last week in which he had sought draft enforcement action plan containing their requirements of resources and a way forward.

The action plan also contains creation of new posts as one post of DG, 3 posts of Director, 5 DDs, 20 ADs, 60 inspectors (BS-16), 120 sub inspectors (BS-14), 120 supervisors, 600 security guards, 120 forest guards, 5 police inspectors, 5 police SIs, 240 police HCs, transport officer ,15 assistants, 10 UDCs, 12 assistants, 30 peons and 10 dozer operators. The sources told The Nation that the directorate is under tremendous pressure due to ever-increasing encroachment and illegal activity in the federal capital. “The action plan is aimed at purging the city of all kind of encroachments,” said a senior officer at the CDA on condition of anonymity.