China has built three Gorges dams using 1200 million tons of concrete in 2006 which generates 22000 MW of power supplying irrigation water to 30 per cent crops of China and saving tens of thousands of lives from flood damage. This is the result of so called central planning while we have been worshipping democracy, which has not yielded a single hydroelectric dam in four decades. Our democracy has resulted in bickering between provinces not only in the case of KBD but also in the case of Economic Corridor sponsored by China. Since the break up of West Pakistan in four provinces by late Gen. Yahya Khan there has been no end of inter provincial disharmony that has doomed every big project of Water and Power Development. We should learn a lesson from China that undiluted democracy is not fit for Pakistan. Some central binding force is needed to cement ties between people as they can’t be left to wander like a flock of sheep and herd of cattle to fall in pitfalls.


Lahore, January 16.