Unidentified men hurled three grenades at three different places in Karachi within a couple of hours, to leave locals panicked.

The grenades were launched outside a police station, girls’ college and a school in, injuring two children and a policeman, while damaging numerous vehicles.

The attacks were launched in North Nazimabad, Karimabad and the Mobina Town Police Station in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Reports reveal that three unidentified bikers threw a hand grenade at the Mobina Town Police Station’s main gate, with bomb attacks in North Nazimabad and Karimabad following it within the next two hours.

Two motorcyclists tossed a hand grenade near APWA Girls’ College in Karimabad area. No one was injured in the incident. However, the grenade blast created as students and staff ran out of the college with some seeking refuge in the streets.

The third grenade attack was reported near the main gate of a private school in North Nazimabad s L-Block near Asghar Ali Shah Stadium. Two children were reportedly injured, who were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Police sources claim that a coordinated effort by the same group is suspected.

Following the incident, law enforcement officials reached the site. The targeted areas was cordoned off.

These attacks are the latest in a surge of hand grenade attacks in the city. Following the turn of the year, Rangers checkposts in Karachi have been targeted twice by homemade grenades.