LAHORE  - A representative delegation of renowned industrialists and economists met Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, here on Thursday, and discussed with him proposals for the promotion of economy and investment, increase in exports and creation of job opportunities.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said that the economy had been put on the right track, while the steps taken for resolving the energy crisis, strengthening the economy and promoting investment were yielding positive results.

“Micro-economic indicators have been improved,” he said, underlining the need for immediate steps for the creation of jobs through economic uplift. Shahbaz said that the Punjab government had decided to set up Punjab Economic Council that would recommend measures for enhancing the growth rate.

The CM added that effective measures were also being taken for the capacity-building of institutions and human resource. He said that Pakistan is rich in resources which can be utilised for achieving self-sufficiency. He said that the promotion of industries and investment was of vital importance for overcoming unemployment, while the economy could be strengthened through agriculture, livestock, dairy farming, small industries and skill development. He emphasised the need for collective efforts to steer the country out of crisis and putting it on the road to progress and prosperity.

Shahbaz said that investors would have to play an active role for the progress of the industrial sector. He lamented that while South Korea made a rapid progress by benefiting from the five-year plan of Pakistan, we are lagging behind. He further said that time had come to take speedy measures for achieving the goals of progress, prosperity and self-sufficiency, and that a comprehensive roadmap should be evolved for the purpose.

He said that industrialists, investors, economists and the government should come up with practical proposals and a roadmap through mutual consultations.

Industrialists and economists, while expressing their views, said that law and order situation had improved immensely due to government’s efforts. They also acknowledged government’s efforts for the revival of economy.