LAHORE: Rwadari Tehreek (A Social Movement) organized a Token Hunger Strike Camp cum sit-in opposite the Punjab Assembly and demanded that the Government should implement National Action Plan, so measures can be taken to stop hate speech, extremism and terrorism in the country.

The one day Token Hunger Strike Camp in addition to Lahore was also held in various other cities to show unity for the demand. People from different faiths and backgrounds of life joined the protest and demanded for a tolerant society with religious harmony.

A number of prominent people from the social, religious and political fraternity attended the Token Hunger Strike Camp some of who are Bushra Malik (PPP)Former Advisor to Governor Punjab, Amna Ulfat of PML-Q, Fazal Wahid of All Pakistan Trade Union, Shaukat Chaudary, Ghulam Fatima from All Pakistan Confederation, Bonded Labor Liberation Front, Pandit Bhagat Lal Khokhar represented the Hindu Community, Saeeda Diep Chairperson of Peace and Secular Studies, Naheed Adil of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Anila Riaz from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Youth Wing.    

Chairman of Rwadari Tehreek Samson Salamat while addressing the participants said thousands of people sacrificed their lives including the 144 children on 16 December 2014 to have National Action Plan formulated. “It’s been over a year yet till today we have not seen any serious work on it. Even today we see people of the likes of Maulana Abdul Aziz (of Burka fame) sitting in the heart of Islamabad and supporting ISIS. Why have they not been caught yet? There are a number of lapses in NAP due to which terrorists and extremists are still roaming free in Pakistan and successfully spreading hate. It should be rectified so credible action is taken,” he said.  

Samson said start of 2016 had seen a fresh wave of terrorism. “We are not ready to sacrifice our kids or families any more “Enough is Enough.” The government should take immediate steps and follow NAP to curb terrorism. All terrorists should be taken to task irrespective of ‘Good or Bad’.  Even the facilitators and financers should be punished. These attacks have not spared anyone of any faith or social strata. Everyone has been a victim of this menace due to which the social fabric of the society has been torn to shreds,” he said.   

Central President of Rwadari Tehreek Abdul Malik criticized the policies of the federal and provincial governments and pointed out the government’s failure to provide security to the citizens. “The government is protecting a terrorist in Lal Masjid (Islamabad). Our children are not safe in schools our families are not safe at their work places, where should (people) go?  Who will provide them security? The PML-N government seems to be in league with the terrorists especially, Rana Sana ullah, may be that is why they are not ready to take action against them,” he said.

Regarding education syllabus Rwadari President said, “Our education syllabus needs to be revised and our children should not be taught hate material.  De-weaponize the society and ban all organizations that are a cause of nuisance.”

Fahad Ali, a passerby spoke to The Nation and said, “This is a good step by Rwadari Tehreek, and the government needs to make the society safe. We don’t want our children to be insecure in their schools or universities. We send them to study not get “shahadat.”

Rwadari Tehreek also presented their demands to the government which are:

1.    Take immediate and strict action against all spreading hatred, intolerance and extremism in society.

2.    Action should be taken immediately against the banned outfits, their financiers and facilitators.

3.    ISIS (Daesh) presence in the country must vigilantly be watched, especially in the Punjab.

4.    A comprehensive de-weaponization policy must be formulated and all sorts of weapons must be banned immediately to discourage gun-culture.