LAHORE - Two flights were cancelled while 20 other delayed at Lahore airport yesterday, only two days after the restoration of PIA operation.

Flights were delayed due to different reasons and those cancelled included PIA flight Pk-263 operating between Lahore to Abu Dhabi and another PIA flight coming from Karachi to Lahore Pk-380.

Among others which delayed included PK-248 coming from Damam reached Lahore with the delay of 50 minutes; PK-279 operating between Lahore-Doha departed from Lahore with the delay of three hours. Emirates airlines flight Ek-623 from Lahore to Dubai could depart late by 40 minutes, Qatar airlines flight QR-621 between Lahore-Doha was 40 minutes late. Etihad Airways flight EY-241 coming from Abu Dhabi to Lahore landed at Lahore airport with delay of two hours, and similarly EY–242 was subsequently delayed two hours.