Pakistan Steel Mills is a problem for the people of Pakistan. The overstaffed organization is filled with powerful and corrupt workers that are using the Sindh High Court to secure their jobs and get their salaries every year. The Government of Pakistan are trying to sell this white elephant organization, but they are facing active resistance from the corrupt and powerful workers of PSM, and their champions, the Government of Sindh, who have recently proposed to buy the organization and pay the salaries from the provincial.

I beg the Government of Pakistan, not to even consider selling the PSM to the Govt of Sindh. I would also like to suggest that PSM should immediately be declared as bankrupt, under company law and terminate all employees and stop all additional cost to the exchequer.

Since production at PSM has already been halted and it is a Government owned company, therefore declaring it bankrupt will not do any serious harm to the company. In fact the Government can even pass a law to declare ownership of PSM liabilities, to avoid banks getting ownership of the company after bankruptcy.


Peshawar, January 3.