I was in the Forman Lahore debate open’16, on the second day. I voluntarily participated as usher but all the rooms were occupied, and I was free. They turned me to logistics which was quite entertaining and I enjoyed very much. That was for round 2 but in round 3 I was struggling and praying to participate as part of a swing team (to take place of debate team which is absent) and the reason behind this was the motion (topic), “This House Would Criminalise Climate Change Denial”. I decided to listen to the views of the opposition, and I went to one of the room and listened to the debate. Opposition was frequently using this phrase “liberty of thought” that they could choose what they had to believe or not. The proposition (government) didn’t reply to this debate appropriately.

Climate change is an open truth and in this era of technology when all information is available on the palm of one’s hand, some people still deny the truth of climate change. China is predicted to destroy in near future because it’s water is polluted and by 2030, China will drink all of its potable water, according to the World Bank 250,000 Chinese die annually; Southern and Eastern Europe is in danger of flood and drought; Maldives will drown in the two or three years if this situation does not stop.

We must act now because we have wasted much time in beating about the bush and now its time to come to the point and face the problem.


Lahore, February 9.