ISLAMABAD - Former chief selector and leg spin wizard Abdul Qadir has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) high ups for double standards, holding them responsible for inflicting huge damages on Pakistan cricket.

Talking to The Nation on Saturday, Qadir said: “I salute Sarfraz Nawaz and strongly recommend his name for ‘pride of performance’, as he always speaks truth and warned two days prior to start of Pakistan Super League (PSL) that something big and shameful would be coming and everybody had now witnessed that the PSL is only two days old and Pakistan cricket is once again under heavy clouds.” He said people raised fingers on them (Sarfraz and Qadir), thinking that they were demanding something for themselves. “It is not true, but the matter of fact is that it hurts us when someone points fingers on Pakistan cricket or when media gets a chance to start spreading negativity against Pakistan cricket, so we, being former cricketers and Pakistan ambassadors, feel embarrassed. The PCB always has dual policies and sets different rules for different players. Had they implemented Supreme Court of Pakistan’s rulings and followed directives in true letter and spirit, today the things could have been far different.

“The PCB rules only apply on junior players, as they have adopted absolutely lenient policy when it comes to big guns. I want to know, why the board fails to comply with Justice Qayyum report, in which it was clearly directed to keep Wasim, Waqar, Mushtaq Ahmed, Inzamam and Moin away from holding any office in the board, but no heed in this regard was paid. Only Salim Malik was handed over life-time ban, while others were let off the hook. Had the board given strict punishment to above mentioned persons, today the things could have been far better,” he added.

Qadir said the PCB still didn’t learn from their past mistakes. “M Aamir was given different treatment, while Salman Butt, M Asif and Danish Kaneria were left in the cold. Why such policy is being adopted and why not justice prevails in the board matters?”

Qadir said: “Pakistan is blessed with so many past heroes, who have rendered their entire lives serving Pakistan cricket. They have a very neat and clean reputation, and the PCB must take them onboard to ensure Pakistan cricket reputation not only remains intact but further enhance. Without taking strict and pragmatic steps, Pakistan cricket would continue to suffer.

“The PSL was a very good initiative and the players have started earning so much money, staying neat and clean, then why they choose to earn money through easier way and why they inflict heavy damages on national cause. The reason is very simple, as they have witnessed countless times that a player commits a blunder and after some time, he is given easy ride and path back to national team fold. Until and unless, the PCB gives exemplary punishments to real culprits and ban them for life, Pakistan cricket can’t be purified,” he added.

“I am surprised that whole world is raising fingers at Pakistan cricket but PCB patron Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is still unmoved. It is national and moral duty of PM Nawaz to immediately seek explanation from the PCB and order inquiry and culprits should be given exemplary punishments, as this is the only way of saving Pakistan cricket from further embarrassment and it will also give a clear message to other athletes as well, and nobody will ever try to think about doing so,” Qadir concluded.