A delegation of Aga Khan Trust for Culture has pledged to provide technical assistance to the Punjab government with regard to conservation, repair and maintenance of Shalimar Gardens and Jahangir Tomb.

This quite commendable and welcome pledge was made by the delegation, which was headed by General Manager Luis Monreal.

According to the reports in the newspapers, programmes for protection and conservation were discussed.

The chief minister duly appreciated different welfare-oriented steps taken over the years by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, in the fields of education and healthcare. They stated that the efforts by the organizations are quite commendable indeed. Mutual cooperation between the provincial government and Aga Khan Trust is expanding day by day. Steps are being taken for restoration of historical places, such as the old walled city. Provincial government will provide all sorts of resources for preservation of Shalimar Gardens and Jahangir’s Tomb, as only technical assistance and expertise of Aga Khan Trust for Culture experts are needed.

This offer of technical assistance for centuries old historical buildings, both of which are located in Lahore is important and timely for preservation and protection of the heritage wealth. This will save them from weather hazards and further decaying with the passage of time.


Lahore, January 19.