Prices of medications have been on the rise recently, causing great amount of distress to the general public. Although Pakistan still has one of the lowest cost of drugs in the world, with the PKR devaluation many manufacturers have been pushing for a uniform rise in price for all medicines from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). This is why the current 15% hike in drug prices has caused havoc among consumers and all the other stakeholders involved.

Not even a month ago the pharmaceutical companies announced to halt the production of life saving drugs if their demands are not met. Having expensive medicines in time of need is better than having no medicine at all. There needs to be an equilibrium price control which can balance out the manufacturing cost by retail prices. Only then we can reach a point of relief for the consumers and the industry. In such circumstances, patient relief and welfare programs should be highlighted by the concerned authorities to make them aware of more affordable and available options.


Karachi, January 24.