LAHORE - Members of a special team of experts formed by the Supreme Court to inspect the Orange Line Metro Train project visited the University of Punjab, Old Campus, Town Hall and Chuburji Gateway on Monday and pointed out some faults in preservation, renovation and conservation of the Punjab University and Town Hall.

The authorities concerned were directed to take remedial measures. The members of the team especially directed the Parks and Horticulture Authority to immediately start levelling and modelling the courtyard of the Chuburji Gateway so as to develop into a green belt as directed by the Supreme Court in its judgment.

On the other hand, pace of work on the Orange Line Metro Train has been expedited to meet the deadline of 31 July 2019 for competition of the billion-dollar project in the metropolis. 

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has been critical of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz initiated project of 27km and now decided to complete it.

According to sources in LDA, “A few months back there was no sign of completion of construction work on the billion dollar OLMT project as the work was stopped during the political transition in the country amid general elections.

After the PTI government assumed power, now contractor companies in OLMT received their due payments and now pace of work has expedited.”

The 27km long metro track ought to be completed originally in 27 months, according to Punjab Mass Transit Authority, but stay on project by the courts delayed the construction work for 22 months.

Now the new deadline by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government is July 31.

The civil work of entire project is going to be completed in February and after that mechanical work would be completed in three months by the Chinese contractor CR-NORINCO, a joint venture of China Railway Corporation and China North Industry Corporation.